Happy New Year! I hope 2018 is treating you well so far.

I’ve decided to put together a little list (you’ll come to find I take great pleasure in making lists) of what I want to achieve within 2018, a bucket list if you like. When it comes to resolutions, it is always easy to set yourself up for failure by having too many ideas or unrealistic goals, so I have made a concious effort to stay grounded when writing this.

I think it’s great to set yourself goals, it helps to keep you motivated by giving you something to aspire to.  It is so easy to get caught up in our daily routine that it’s easy to loose focus upon what you are actually wanting to achieve.

2017 however uneventful for me, I feel I gained so much life experience. All of which I will take into 2018 and many years to come. I think it is also very important to focus upon small achievements, they are the stepping stones which lead to bigger milestones.

My 2018 Goals and Intentions.

Travel. This year is the year that I WILL travel. It is something I have always wanted to do. Nothing makes my feel more alive. Last year I had the full intentions of going traveling around Asia. Whilst I was working fulltime, I found that time and money just slipped away and before I knew it the first term of university began and I had barely travelled. The timing just wasn’t right. However this year I feel differently and I am already in the process of booking a trip to travel Thailand with my boyfriend and a tour around Europe with one of my best friends.


Wake up earlier. This may seem a really simple to some but this is something I really struggle with. I am just always so tired and I struggle to break out of sleep. For me, the morning is the most beautiful part of the day and I think there is nothing better than waking up early. You can complete all those little errands and then having the rest of the day ahead of you to do as you wish. It leads to a better balanced work/play lifestyle.


Health and Fitness. I feel that I made really good progress last year.  I started to make healthier food choices. I want to further my progress this year by ensuring that I am having a fully balanced diet in terms of nutrients and food groups (also eat less cheese).

Recently I have just started going to the gym again and I am definitely going to carry this on throughout 2018. It gives you so much more energy and my mood is always better post workout.  Obviously there is the physical advantages that come with it as well. Maybe 2018 could finally be the year I get abs (pretty please).

I also need to drink more water. I can go days without actually drinking any water, I am guilty of replacing it by drinking endless cups of tea..


Pass my first year of University.  I am not a straight A student. I never really thought I would even go to University. However, I have surprised myself with how well I have done so far.  I get anxious about deadlines and exams and I struggle to persevere at commitments when I get overwhelmed but I am just going to focus upon my motivation to succeed to get me through the stressful times. If I can pass my first year I will be one happy lady.


More Creative time. I would like to set aside more time for creativity. When I get a free moment it is so easy to opt into watching YouTube or Netflix. Although it’s great to have down time, I really want to pass some of that time into getting my creative juices flowing whether that is playing the piano, working on my blog, making a YouTube video or taking pictures on my DSLR.


Grow my online presence. Posting on Instagram or twitter, networking and growing an online following isn’t something which comes naturally to me. In some senses this is quite good, I find it easy to have downtime and separate myself from social media, because let’s face it, sometimes it can get too much. However when you are studying PR and love blogging, this is definitely something I should be working on.


What are your goals for 2018?